Tuesday, May 18, 2021



A friend offered to give me some plastic bottles to reuse. I wasn't sure whether they were suitable for jam making, though I have bought jam in plastic bottles. I decided that the only way to know for sure was to try it. I could end up with a mucky mess and lose a spoonful of jam, but I'd know!

 I've been making rhubarb jam this morning. I washed the plastic bottle along with a couple of glass ones, put it in to the oven to heat up with the others and put the plastic lid into boiling water to heat. I put a spoonful of the cooked jam in, waited a minute, all good, so I filled the jar and put the lid on. So far, so good, though I'll leave the jar to get cold before I move it again. 

The rhubarb jam is a wonderful deep pink colour and has a nice tart taste. Here's the recipe here.


  1. I avoid hot/warm food items in plastic containers for fear of leaching. Hope the jam stays good - experimenting always helps! 🧡💚🧡

    1. It did occur to me, but the jar is food grade, it had honey in it.

  2. The jam looks delicious, I love Rhubarb, the tartness is just right.