Thursday, May 6, 2021

Changing Tack


My plan was to tat earrings for a market on Saturday. Beaded crochet rope doesn't really lend itself to the making of earrings, but I'm told they should be good sellers at a market, so I thought I'd try tatted earrings and see what happened. Mmm. I got an urgent order for masks. Obviously a definite order that is going to be promptly paid for must take precedence over speculative market items! Whether I'll get time to make a few before Saturday remains to be seen, but the masks are done and have been delivered. 


  1. Yes, orders come first. I am sure you will get some tatting in!! :)

  2. The masks look lovely with your decorative stitches!
    Perhaps you could belt out some quick simple earrings in various colours such as these - ?

    1. Yes, that one was part of my original plan, let alone the truncated one!

  3. Masks are important. I appreciate your sewing.

  4. Masks are important and orders come first, well done they look great