Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Blog As Record

 Jack said that my sheets hanging on the line were a bit see-through. So I looked up on my blog to see when I made them. Here's the entry here. It's dated January 2013, so no wonder the sheets are getting a little thin! The other two pairs were made two years later, as I can also see from my blog.   Years ago, Black Rose sheets used to proclaim in large letters across the packaging that they were guaranteed for ten years. I've often wondered what would happen if you went back after eight years and demanded your money back! Mine have no such guarantee, but I think they could well hold out for ten years. 


  1. That's another good point to have a blog!
    Till few time ago, Lagostina used to repair in guarantee broken handles, even after 30 years!! But I've checked two weeks ago, they don't do it anymore!

    1. That’s a shame, you’d think it would be a good selling point.

  2. I tend to keep sheets in use for at least 10 years. Then the fabric gets repurposed to cleaning cloths and such. I'd make my own, but do not have a good supply of quality cloth....and that includes my handwoven!

  3. Those are sturdy sheets! You must have used good fabric. Ours don't usually last that long and the dogs aren't much help!