Thursday, January 28, 2021

Bottoms Up and Day 8


I thought I'd show you the bottoms of the little beaded bags I'm making. The spokes pattern makes increasing very easy, I just increase in the stitch before the contrast bead, which means all the counting is done while threading the beads. The one on the right has a final round of 72 beads, whereas the other 2 are 54 beads. 

The tat it and see is given in very small bites, but one needs, nevertheless, to pay attention! I looked at the wrong part of  the diagram and thought I'd made a mistake. The split ring wasn't easy to open, I don't know why some open easily and some don't, but there you go, I spent a long time untatting. And then realised that I hadn't made a mistake at all! I think of the headline I saw on a blog recently that said, 'I am a plonker'. 


  1. Very interesting backsides and their spoken function 😉 just fooling around with words, but I do enjoy your tips and observations 💗

  2. You're tempting me to make a bag out of "excess" beads!!! And with the rain I just want to sit and be mindless in my warm house!

  3. Very pretty beaded bags! They must take quite a long time to make?

    1. I aim to work out how long they take but lately there have been a lot of interruptions so it’s been difficult.