Thursday, December 17, 2020



I didn't quite finish sewing my dress yesterday. I still have buttonholes and buttons to do. I don't often make buttonholes, so I had to look up the instructions! There's a special foot and special stitches and dire warnings about the little lever labeled Push that needs to be down for buttonholes and up for everything else:

I have some flowery buttons that fit well with the fabric. Contrasting buttons would also have worked, but I have these in my stash, and enough of them, so they're the ones. 


  1. I've made a lot of button holes on the machine in my time but I can honestly say that I dreaded it every time.
    I remember in school we used to stitch them by hand.
    I like that fabric.

  2. I dread making button holes! Even with the attachment, mine never look quite right. My Grandma Jones made the most beautiful button holes, but she did all her sewing by hand.

    1. Luckily the buttonhole is usually more or less covered by the button!

  3. I always had mixed results with using the buttonhole attachment until I had the idea to place a piece of tracing/newspaper under the cloth. Improved, though I don't have much use for buttonholing.

  4. Mom and I sewed a lot of our clothes while I was young before ready-to-wear came in small enough sizes. She happily did all the buttonholes if I took on all the zippers. One year, she even saved up a dress for me to work on when I returned from school for summer break!

  5. Wow, buttonholes on the sewing machine sound so complicated! I would faster make them by hand :) The buttons will look very cute on the dress.