Monday, November 30, 2020

Neighbourly Sewing


I seldom sew for people who aren't members of my family, but there's a time for all things, so here I am, sewing for my neighbour. Cynthia wanted kaftans, loose and cool and easy to wear in Summer. I browsed through Pinterest for ideas and how tos and then made it up as I went along. The top one is cotton, easy enough to work with. I added ribbon to the sides to match the ribbon neatening the neck opening.  The bottom one is a jersey knit, fabric I'm not familiar with. It doesn't fray and it seemed to me that the more I sewed it the more I got kinks and curls, so I didn't neaten the sides or the bottom. The fabric drapes well but is quite heavy, so I hope the kaftan won't stretch out of shape. It's not a fabric I would normally choose to work with, which is the good thing about sewing for someone else - I was forced out of my comfort zone! 


  1. kaftans are very comfortable and work well as nightwear, too, without seeming like it.
    Both look good!
    If I understand what you are saying about the kinks and curls in the knit fabric while sewing - my Singer serviceman had told me how to place a strip of newspaper or tracing paper between the teeth and fabric while sewing. It helps the needle get a grip and stitches are even. Works well since then I don't have to keep changing settings or accessories ;-P

    1. Thanks for the tip. I’ve done that when sewing plastic but it didn’t occur to me to do it here.

  2. I wear caftans all the time around the house, you can let it all hang out under them, lol
    I don't like sewing jersey or stretch fabrics at all.

  3. They both look great. I wouldn't have thought of using jersey for a kaftan, but the print is quite dashing, so hopefully it will work well.