Monday, November 2, 2020

It Went Well


The little fair I went to on Saturday went well. I shared a table with Sarah, who makes soap. There was a lot of interest in soap! But both of us sold enough to make the day worthwhile. The interesting thing was that I sold a little bit of everything, from keyrings to a necklace. Sarah and I are going to do another fair together on the 21st November. I need to make more children's bracelets and Christmas baubles before then. At the moment I'm working on an order for a bracelet. 


  1. Well done - so pleased it worked out well for you. Money now to buy more beads?

    1. For sure. I did spend a bit at other stalls, but there’s some left for beads!

  2. Good to hear, Jane, and hope the next one is even more successful 💗💗💗

  3. Wonderful! Most of the fairs have been cancelled around here because of the virus. Maybe we'll be able to have them again next year.

  4. The fair atmosphere is always nice. You had a good day and success