Monday, November 16, 2020

A Seriously Large Pot


We don't have a pot big enough to cook the ingredients for brawn (don't ask!) so we borrowed one. It's a very large pot! The lid is as big as my dustbin lid. It wouldn't fit on my stove top, so we put it on the braai (barbecue) outside and kept it stoked with wood for over three hours. This morning I duly made the brawn. The trusty butter containers came into play again as moulds. I've put four of them in the freezer and one in the fridge to eat this evening. It should be set by then. 


  1. You know you're asking for it --- with a pot that large you need brawn for brawn 😉😄😆😃 Enjoy your meal 💕

  2. Before I posted a comment, I just had to look up brawn. I'm glad I didn't ask! ;-)

  3. Thanks for the laugh, muskaan and Diane.