Thursday, November 5, 2020


I sold a Christmas bauble on Saturday, so I thought I'd make a replacement. I have the pattern that I drew, so off I went, threading blue and gold beads. I didn't give it a lot of thought. When I started crocheting, I realised that I had followed the pattern in the wrong direction. It won't work. I could just start again, but I think I'll restring row by row, because that means I'll be able to use the plain rows that have no gold beads in them. First of all I need to write myself notes on the pattern about the direction to follow! I tend to forget that the beads need to be threaded in the opposite order to how they will be crocheted. 

PS I've just realised that rethreading row by row will mean cutting the thread numerous times. I had better start again. Or perhaps leave it until next week! 


  1. Hopefully you will follow your own advice 😉 when making future charts - nothing so disheartening as to have to re-string all those beads and start over! 💗💗

  2. Ohhhh, I feel that way when trying to figure out how to place beads on a tatting design which doesn't already have beads, especially when using more than one color of beads!
    I hope you get it all figured out!!! :)

  3. Oh! I'm glad someone else does this!! I've started earrings I wish to remake and realized I needed more complete directions. Now, in addition to test tatters, I leave my patterns for a week or so, then try (ahem!) to retat.

  4. What a shame. It happens to all of us, though.