Monday, July 20, 2020

What Next?

I've crocheted 10 beaded beads, each with a felt ball inside. They don't go as far as I thought they would. Now I have to decide how to complete the necklace. Make more beaded beads? Add long strings of seed beads to each end? Attach this beaded part to ribbon? Make a bracelet instead? Hmmm.


  1. A triumph as usual, so pretty.

  2. I lke the idea of a necklace with ribbons or seed beads. As a bracelet, I think the effect would be minimized and they are too lovely for that!

  3. These are sooooo pretty!!! They must be very light?
    I would like to put larger spacer beads/pearls, flanked by a smaller bead, between the crocheted ones (instead of the string of seed beads) and then use a combination of those larger and smaller beads to complete the necklace.
    If you wish, you could try to make a slightly larger crochet bead for the center.
    Just my view ;-P

    1. Thanks very much, suggestions most welcome! Yes, they are light. I’ll have a go at weighing them some time.

  4. Śliczne koraliki, bardzo kolorowe i radosne :)