Friday, July 31, 2020

A New Lease On Life

I delivered 20  masks yesterday, so now it's time to do household tasks. When I made Jack's shirts I tried earnestly to choose fabric for the pockets and collar that would last as long as the shirts themselves. It's not always easy to tell - I failed! So today I've replaced the pockets on one of the shirts. I pondered the collar for a while.  I really didn't want to have to undo the neck seam, facings et cetera. Instead I cut one layer of the green fabric and sewed it on top of the original one. I think it'll pass muster.

There is another shirt that is wearing out before the pockets:
Of course that means I'll shortly have to make another shirt from scratch!


  1. I remember when you posted the shirts originally! It seems like they've lasted pretty well!

  2. What on earth does Jack carry around in his pockets? Particularly now he's retired!!!

    1. Notebook, pen, glasses, phone.... No wonder I had to make the pockets extra big!

  3. Hot under the collar takes a literal visual here 😉
    What came to my mischievous mind was to sew in extra layer(s) of collar and as the cloth grays, snip it off and the inner layer pops out 😃
    You can tell I hate ripping and resewing!

  4. You are talented in so many things!!!
    That shirt looks great!!

  5. It has aggravated me for years that fabric by the yard has lost durability. I had the same trouble you did until I switched to "outdoor" fabrics. Rip Stop is not the most beautiful, but you can order the thickness and strength you want.
    Good luck. Sorry your guy is a pocket abuser!