Thursday, May 28, 2020


 I've been experimenting to prepare for the first 'creative therapy' meeting after lockdown. The sample we were given had fabric wrapped around a cable tie. The edges of the fabric had frayed, which looks scruffy to me. You could fold the edges of fabric in, but I thought using ribbon would be easier. I tried wrapping batting around the cable tie, under the ribbon, but that was lumpy and horrible. I think this version will work. So I'm all prepared. Or not. Yesterday we were told that we won't be allowed into the complex for a meeting! Plan B required. Written instructions? A video? Both? We'll have to wait a bit and see how it all works out.


  1. Interesting. I agree with your use of ribbon. I wonder how it will hold up?

    1. Good point. I hope the beads and wire will protect it, otherwise it’ll soon look as scruffy as fabric!

  2. Thats a shame after all your work working out how to make it, I hope you can still use it and make a video or something

  3. I hope all this is over with soon so that people and groups can get together again.
    Nice bracelet! :)

  4. Sometimes circumstances force us to explore new avenues and move out of our comfort zone. Wish you all the best 💗🌹💗