Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Back to Beads

I put away my embroidery thread and evenweave fabric and retrieved my beads and crochet hook. I couldn't find a pattern for what I was imagining, so I thought I'd write one myself. I printed out some graph paper, which works well, so that's one thing learnt. I started with a design of 6 beads in circumference, drew it on the graph paper and worked out the threading pattern. I crocheted almost two repeats before abandoning it.  There was a mistake in my threading pattern and I didn't like the design, it's too muddled and bitty. Back to the drawing board. I increased the circumference to 8 beads and simplified the pattern a bit. Aha, I like this version a lot better:
I'm now working it in a different colour scheme, which I think I like better. It's a simple pattern, generic even, but I'm happy to have created it from scratch.


  1. Very clever. I like anything with black and colours so this to me is beautiful.

  2. I like it!! :) You make such amazing bracelets like that!! :)

  3. I love the one in black, though the design may show up better in the white. Congratulations on developing your very own pattern, Jane. It is beautiful <3

  4. I like the white one I think the white shows up better