Thursday, May 7, 2020


I recently received a gift of earrings that came in the sweetest little basket:

It got me thinking about packaging, or presentation. Perhaps I need to come up with interesting packaging for my beadwork. I don't want something as time consuming as the little basket. But something better than plastic or paper bag.

Since I've been doing cross stitch lately, I thought of doing a cross stitch motif. Then I remembered seeing 'beaded cross stitch' on The Beading Gem's Journal.  I searched for beaded cross stitch on Pinterest and found a video to watch. I didn't save the link because it was not a good
video. Honestly, to burble on for 15 minutes and then upload it without editing does not give a good impression. But it did, eventually, tell me what I wanted to know. So I gave it a go:

I sewed a muslin bag and attached the motif to the bag. My proportions need working on, but it gives the idea:

Could this work? Feedback welcome.


  1. I too have ordered bags like yours for my shuttles when ever I get around to selling the and I love the beading you've done its perfect 🌼😁🌼

  2. What a lovely idea! Nice beaded motif.

  3. What a lovely idea. I have continued to use small gift bags to hold shuttles with half finished projects on them. I'm sure your beadwork will be treasured and I'm sure the bags will be repurposed with smiles!