Monday, February 24, 2020


I've been crocheting  patterns with zigzags. The bottom one has zigzags on the other side as well, though the top one has stripes:
Both of them are designed to overcome the natural bias of beaded crochet rope. To do that, they shift the pattern to the right, which means that the threaded bead sequence starts in a different place on the chart for each repeat. I've found that with such patterns, it's helpful to keep a space between each bead sequence so that I can start from the bottom of the chart each time. It helps me keep my place on the chart. This will probably be gibberish to tatters, but it might be helpful to someone!

The top rope is now long enough for a bracelet, but I've decided it will look good as a necklace, so I'm going to go on with it.


  1. Pretty shade of blue.

  2. This all looks so complicated, how do you get the bracelet to join?
    They are beautiful though.

    1. I use a needle and the tail thread to join the ends imitating the crochet- known as an invisible join. Sometimes more invisible than other times!

    2. I use a needle and the tail thread to copy the crochet for an ‘invisible join’.

  3. It makes sense to me! I love the design, and I think it will look great as a necklace!

  4. I relate to the 'gibberish' part (sorry ;-P), but love the ombre style bangle !

  5. I shared your post with a beader who is trying to learn to tat. She understood exactly what you meant, explained it to me, and we happily picked up our shuttles together. Thank you for helping her expand my knowledge!