Tuesday, October 1, 2019


We had a few very hot days and then Summer retreated again. I thought I had better finish my stole while the weather was suitable for knitting. The pattern, Persian Tiles, from Ravelry, is by Rebekah Yeager. There are versions for a dishcloth and placemat, but by using wool and mohair in place of cotton, and extending the length ( considerably!) I have turned the placemat into a stole. This slip stitch technique (mosaic knitting, though Rebekah doesn't use the term) is one of those marvelous techniques that looks much more complicated than it is. Only one colour is used at a time, with stitches slipped to create the pattern. I hid the ends carefully on the wrong side to maintain the pattern. Although the pattern on the back is more subtle than the front, it is there.


  1. Beautiful! I haven't knit a slip stitch pattern in many years. I do remember knitting a mosaic swatch back in the 70s. I was amazed that I could knit something that looked so complicated!

  2. Fabulous!! It's going to be warm and snuggly :-))