Monday, October 21, 2019

Simpler is Better

I tried out a beaded crochet pattern that looked good on paper, but was too complicated, so the piece I worked looked muddled. I didn't think it was worth working more than a couple of repeats as a sample. As Mary Corbet says in this post, trying something out and finding it doesn't work is by no means a waste of time. I did write myself a note on the pattern, because if I tried it out again, that would indeed be a waste of time!

I'm working on a simpler pattern, which, to me, works much better:


  1. Sometimes simpler is better. I love the pattern you're working on!

  2. There is place for the simple to complex in every craft :-) And a handy skill is to realise what works when.

  3. I love this color it's fantastic and good to make notes on this stuff because some times it's too much trouble too. I do get into moods where I love complex things but
    There are somethings just don't want to go there