Thursday, April 18, 2019

Not Much Tatting

I took my tatting with me when we went off for a trip to a game park, but I didn't get much done. We went to Mokala, the same park we went to in December with the Australian branch of the family. There's so much more grass now than there was then. We saw a lot of animals, including a black rhinoceros. I didn't take many photos, but here are a few:

Roan antelope.
Giraffe. There were several giraffe at the water point. We saw one of them drinking from the reservoir, though I didn't manage to get a photo.
We stayed in comfortable chalets, overlooking a river. I took this from our chalet, looking across to the chalet where the rest of the family stayed.


  1. Wonderful photos, especially that first one!

  2. How fun I went to a drive through park once it was fun. But you're animals are different than the ones I got to see🙂

  3. Ah, Jane. The pictures are beautiful and they make me just a little "homesick ".

  4. Nice virtual walk-through :-))) We are bird-watching every evening (stationary from balcony ;-P) - loads of variety and lots of chirping and singing.

    1. That sounds fun. Do you keep a list going?

    2. Kinda (I used to). I recognise all the species that we are seeing and in case memory slips me, I refer to couple of books.
      I haven't learned how to take their pics with my new mobile and would much rather watch than fidget with it ;-P But I'll be ready next spring/summer for sure :-D
      So far there is only one bird that I 'don't like'- the large green barbet!

  5. A stunning photograph of the lone Zebra. A lovely place to spend time with your family.

  6. Stunning photo, thank you for sharing them