Monday, April 29, 2019

Owl Slippers

Nellie, my granddaughter, overcame second sock syndrome to finish knitting bootees for her niece. I bought her some knitting needles to take home with her, so hopefully it won't be the last knitting she'll do.

While I was looking for knitting needles, I came across a 'French knitting' spool (known as tolletjie brei in South Africa). I thought Nellie's brother, Ant, might like to have a go at that, so I bought the spool  for him. He took to it like a duck to water and soon had a cord showing at the bottom of the spool:
He thought it would be a good activity to do on the plane when they left on Saturday, but was worried that the metal hook could be confiscated. So he'll have to resume at home.


  1. Marvellous !!! And oth siblings starting young 💗

  2. The slippers are adorable! I have several spool knitters around for when grandchildren come to visit. None have taken to it yet. I remember spending hours making cord with yarn left over from Mom's knitting projects. Dad made mine with a wooden thread spool and nails, and I used one of Mom's crochet hooks. Wonderful memories!

  3. Sweet booties!! :)
    That young man seems to be doing an awesome job for just learning!! :)

  4. Spool knitting is addictive! It's great that you can teach these skills to your grandchildren, even though they live so far from you.