Thursday, June 21, 2018

On The Edge

I'm working on the bottom edging of my crochet top, after sewing the pieces together with as neat a seam as I could manage:
I have the kiwi tea towel on my lap when I'm working on the top, in an effort to keep it clean. I'm making rusks  today and am bound to get covered in flour. I'm not allowed to wash the top before entering it into the competition, so I had better not get flour all over it!


  1. I read the other post about rusks. Any chance of a recipe? Your crochet looks wonderful that top will look good on you. That detail with the fans is really nice!

    1. Email me, ikorro(at) and I’ll send you the recipe.

  2. It looks beautiful! I hope you do well with it!

  3. The scallops look very pretty up close. Good luck with the rusks, I hope they pass the dunking test!

  4. Beautiful colour, going to be a gorgeous top

  5. Each time I see the progress pics of this cardigan, I am enchanted !

  6. I love your top but alas too small for me. Pass the rusks. :)