Monday, June 4, 2018


Another skirt cut according to my (insufficient) cloth. Crafty Sylvie commented that no one but me knows what skirt I originally intended to make. Good point!


  1. you have been busy with your sewing, they all look very nice, my favourite one is the pink one edged in your lovely tatting

  2. Crafty Sylvie has a very good point! :) Your skirts look very nice, I'm tempted to try to make one myself.

  3. He he! Glad you liked my comment :)
    And in case someone manages to read your mind, what about this reply: it is your interpretation of the pattern! (I often test knit patterns on Ravelry; one day I made a mistake in reading a chart and of course I immediately offered to frog my work and start over although it was really not much noticeable, but a test is a test, right?. The designer - she's always so very kind!! - refused and said that this was MY interpretation of the pattern. Well, this is YOUR interpretation of the skirt ^_^)
    Beautiful fabric BTW, I think this one is my favourite.