Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Circle

I finished the circle consisting of 6 of muskaan's rings-only triangles.  Do the white parts look like skulls now? I had to keep my wits about me, I joined wrongly at one stage and had to start the triangle again. I figured that would be quicker than untatting and fixing the mistake.


  1. Wow!!! That is so unique looking!!! I think there must be tons of possibilities with this design!!! :)

  2. Looked again on the mention of skulls - yes!
    In fact reminds me even more of Munch's The Scream ;-p
    Probably the joining picots on adjacent triangles should be a bit longer to avoid squishing ? Will keep in mind when working on my spiral path for this.

    1. The Scream crossed my mind too. There is some squishing. Perhaps picot length could overcome it.

  3. I didn't see skulls until you mentioned it, but now I see them!

  4. I can see the skulls, it is a lovely piece of tatting!

  5. Lovely circle and then I saw the skulls and an entire new circle formed in my eyesight. Lovely tatting. <3