Friday, August 4, 2017

In The Pink

I had no sewing machine for a couple of months, while it was in for repairs and a service. I'm glad to have it back, I feel a bit lost without a sewing machine handy! I saw a picture on Pinterest here that I thought I might be able to use to convert a wide scarf into a blouse. I followed it back to Posie Gets Cozy blog, where it turned out to be a dress for a little girl rather than a woman's blouse. It also used a commercial pattern. Oh well, for the record, it's the inspiration for my idea. A rather experimental idea that I didn't want to try out on a valuable scarf. But I had a pink sarong that I was given as a freebie at a conference. It had the donor's name painted across it, I wasn't going to use it as a sarong. So I cut it up and made this top. I'm not sure if it works.  I'll have to wear it a couple of times before deciding whether to make another one.


  1. Looks like you've made the unusable into a lovely blouse! Nice to have the sewing machine back.

  2. That's a nice red. I have a machine, but I cannot do something like that. I can fix a hole or put on a button. That's about it. Nice job on the blouse.

  3. Lovely shade of pink ! Looks nice & summery :-)
    Any tatting to embellish it ;-) ;-)