Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Look Ma, No Chains

Muskaan has been working on single shuttle motifs. The first pattern in what is to be a series is the triangle.  It's really a building block. I thought I'd start by joining 6 triangles to make a circle. I'm half way. It's taking me longer that I thought it would - these things always do! I should've thought ahead a bit and made the central picot longer, but as this is a first attempt, I will keep going and try to remember all the things I can do better next time. The central rings make me think of the tumbling blocks pattern, they have a mildly 3-D effect.


  1. Very clever! I never would have thought of turning triangles into a circle. It's so interesting to be able to find patterns within patterns.

  2. Yay! I like your working :-))) And am so happy. Thank you.

    The central picots could perhaps be worked as a Swirl Join ? Join only on the last motif.

    Also, now that you've come so far, can you trace out a magic path to work all 6 in one go? Hint : try spiralling out.
    This afternoon, I figured out 4 pathways for a magic square and am pretty excited. Can't tat them all, but will share the paths ...

  3. Interesting design.I had to look twice to see the triangles. It almost looks like a semicircle.
    Could this be done similar to magic squares? I am always looking for a way to eliminate ends.

    1. Keep an eye on muskaan's blog, she's going to come up with pathways and magic squares.

  4. You tatting ladies always intrigue me. How you can take thread and a shuttle and make something beatiful is amazng. I see No Chains here. Fun design...<3