Thursday, September 8, 2016

Two Thirds and a Thread Catcher

I've finished spinning another batch of wool, so I have two-thirds of what I need for Jack's pullover.

I was given this little orange bag as a gift last year and to  be honest I had no idea what it was. Just recently I've seen mention of thread catchers on line, for instance in this post of Diane's. I realised it's just what I need so that I don't have bits of thread all over the room. The little oblong at the top is filled with sand or something like that and holds it onto a table or, in this case, the edge of a sofa. It also has some sort of cord at the top that holds it open, ready to receive all those scraps. Neat.


  1. Isn't that clever? Fun to find out what it is too!

  2. Thread catchers are so handy to have. I like the fact that yours can perch on the edge of a chair or table. Neat!

  3. That is such an intriguing thread catcher ! Can we call it a couch potato ? ;-D