Monday, September 12, 2016

Pearl Tatting

"Under, over; over, under", there was a lot of muttering as I tatted 81 and 82. It was worth keeping my wits about me though, I like the results.

The knitting requires some concentration too.

Most of the segments are pretty easy to memorise, but I wrote out the pattern for the middle section so that I don't have to keep peering at the pattern and finding my place (a tip my mother-in-law gave me many years ago):


  1. I love that top piece in the pearl tatting! The sweater is go genus and you mother-in-law is one smart cookie!

  2. Great tatted pieces!!! :)
    Looks like you are off to a great start on the sweater!! :)

  3. The bottom edging is something that I would use to trim a baby dress - lovely!
    I think you knit faster than anyone I know! - and the pattern does look interesting.

  4. The tatting is light and appealing. Love the pattern in the sweater. No wonder it requires concentration!

  5. Love your projects !!!!
    I do that, too - writing or drawing on separate sheet to keep track of pattern. In fact I even use a paper clip to indicate row that is being knit, especially if it is a many-row pattern.
    Your's requires quite some attention with so many patterns moving along on each row ! Great job :-)

  6. Jane Dear your knitting is beautiful and it looks very intricate. I love the tastings you are creating. They look like I might be able to make them in Needle Tatting.