Monday, September 5, 2016

Last Of The Leaves

These are motifs 68 to 70. Leaf 69, in the middle, is quite tricky. This is my second attempt and still not right. I looked at the diagram initially and changed the direction of the outside chains at either end. That didn't look right, so I peered carefully at the photo in the book and realised that it depends for its effect on changing the tension of the chain in different areas, not the direction. In my first attempt I also made the picots in the centre too small. Here's a photo of my initial version:
I think that centre structure has potential, even though I didn't get it right. Here are all the 'leaves' together:


  1. That's an interesting collection of leaves! I like the shapes and the colors. Will you incorporate them in to a tatted collage?

  2. A very interesting range of sizes, techniques & effects !
    These could well go on the next food cover, perhaps ?

  3. A dear friend of mine is tatting something from this book and is so glum because it's cupping. Because of all your hard work, I've been able to reassure her that it's the book, not her!

    1. Absolutely. Picot length is really important but not specified, so you sometimes have to work at these patterns! Worth doing though.

  4. These are really pretty. Love that centre photo. Kudos for getting through this book! Very inspiring - your sticktoitness!