Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Right Front

I'm knitting the right front of my cardigan. I like the lace-and-cable pattern. It's a simple pattern, but adds some texture to the fabric and interest to the knitting.


  1. You have certainly been busy! So many different projects, all turning out well.
    And cute Koala bear. I know he won't keep the hat (also wonderful) but looks great on him! I'm glad you mentioned that those animals are a lot of work, though!

    I believe our local knitting shop will be opening up again soon, with the new owner. I'm so delighted it will continue on.

    I can't believe you're now heading into winter! I'm grateful we're pulling out, but it's a battle. One day 70 degrees, another 30.
    April is always up and down. Looking forward to the flowers coming up again!