Monday, September 14, 2015


I had a brainwave. Instead of making a batch of work shirts all the same as I usually do, I could 'shop my stash' and make the pockets/collar different on each one. Since these are bespoke shirts, I ran it past the speaker first. I wasn't sure what reaction I'd get to this rather jazzy print, but it was an enthusiastic thumbs up, so I went ahead. I don't know why the main part looks so blue in this photo, it's the same grey fabric I used last time.

The print fabric is quite interesting. It has a completely different print on each side:
I haven't been able to come up with a project that would show both sides at once. Next best is to use one side on my skirt and the other on Jack's shirt.


  1. I like them the pockets look shorter this time around. Or it could be the fabric illusion thing,

    1. Well spotted! That was a mistake, but we tested them and the notebook fits in so I didn't redo them.

  2. I adore the coordinating pockets and collar. I have not see reversible fabric and can imagine how fun it would be to use. Creative Sewing Bliss...