Thursday, September 24, 2015

Quick Spin

I took my Ashford for a quick spin to try out my new wool. A couple of evenings and I have enough for a pair of socks. The skeins still need to be washed and dyed before I can knit them.


  1. Ooh! New socks! I'm starting to feel the urge to knit socks. The hand-knit ones are the best!

  2. It's beginning to be sock weather here and we have couple of knitted pairs that need replacing , Im half way throught the first sock of the winter and loving it.
    By mentioning an ashford , is that your spinnin wheel?
    I do admire anyone who spins, I bought a wheel and had a go but it didn't appeal to me, I wish sometimes though that I had kept it and persevered.

  3. Your skills amaze me daily, I'm a big fan.