Monday, August 17, 2015

Protecting the Edge

I'm not sure where I read this tip, but I thought that as this cardigan is to be for a competition, I'd try it. I put the bottom of the work in a plastic bag so that it doesn't rub during work and become scruffy.


  1. That's a great tip :). Never thought to protect the lower half of the knitted project.

  2. That is a really good idea, and could be used in many projects :)

  3. Sometimes I think entire projects should be bagged! There are so many dangers out there - dog/cat hair, coffee, abrasion! So many stories from so many knitters. I am impressed that you actually did it - I hope it does the trick.

  4. Love the bagging idea ! Thanks for sharing it :-)
    You knit very fast & you've tied the yarn loosely around the neck, so no problem.
    But for people like myself who may stretch out a project for long time, it might be a good idea to untie occasionally in order to avoid the tie marks.

    1. A very good idea, I haven't thought of doing this before, good thinking!

  5. I wish you had posted this before my last sample. It was a huge shawl and the yarn was lace weight but loosely spun. The bottom edge actually felted from rubbing in my lap. It made it terribly difficult to pick up the stitches for the edging and there was no time (or yarn) to reknit the center.