Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ignoring My Swatch

I'm a great one for lecturing people about the importance of knitting swatches and tension squares. I take my own advice.  I even bought more needles so that I would get the right tension. But when I started knitting yesterday with the 2.5 mm needles, it felt awkward and slow and the fabric a bit stiff. I knitted 8 rows, a pattern repeat, but wasn't happy. I left the rib intact, knitted on 2 mm needles, but started the main part again with 3 mm needles. Yes, it will be bigger than the pattern says for that size, but it zips along much more smoothly and I think the fabric looks fine. Also, there is a better difference between the needles used for rib and main part. That was one of the criticisms on a previous entry for the knitting competition, that my rib and main part were too similar.


  1. You can tell the difference, this is so beautiful to look are and colors are so calming. Your stitching is fantastic!

  2. ...and that is why I knit scarves and dishcloths! ;-)

  3. It is experience that tells you how it feels whether right or wrong. With your experience you can adjust the pattern as you go along. Now is this sweater for you? I really do love the colors.

    1. Yes, it's for me, though I will enter it into a competition before I wear it.

  4. Definitely looks better with the bigger needle size :).

  5. This is a lovely pattern, go with what you think looks right!