Saturday, September 27, 2014

Travel Knitting

I spun this wool with the intention of knitting it on my journey. I'm about to set off by bus and plane to go to England, to visit friends and family. I'm going to use a circular needle for the main  part, back and forth, in the hope that it is less likely to be confiscated as a potentially lethal weapon than a regular needle. Fingers crossed. I hope I have room in my suitcase for all the gifts of scarves, mitts etc that I have been making. Time to deliver them. I won't be blogging until November. Cheers for now.


  1. Will miss your posts, but have a safe and very very enjoyable journey & reunion :-)

  2. Have a safe journey to England, what part of England are you coming to?
    Hope they let you take your knitting on the plane.

    1. Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire and Suffolk. My idea of UK geography very hazy, but you will know where they are!

  3. Have a super excellent trip, Jane!! Have fun, be careful. You will have a great time!!
    Don't forget I live very close. there is only a Channel between us and the Uk, and a train rides under it. Just in case you are bored, which will not happen :)
    Bye, we will miss you!!

  4. :-) thanks Chantal. I'm pretty sure I won't be bored, but I will remember that you're there.

  5. Hope I am not too late to wish you safe travel and if you don't fit them all in your suitcase maybe you will have to wear them! ha ha

  6. I obviously missed this post, and therefore was surprised that you were in England and had visited Jane Eborall! She took a really nice photo of you, with your Tunisian crochet bag! We look forward to reading about all your holiday!