Friday, September 5, 2014

Getting Even

When I dyed wool before spinning the other day, it was very uneven. So this time I wet the wool thoroughly before dyeing and used a much bigger container. I dyed blue first and wow, the result was not bad.
Then I dyed brown, but it was much more uneven.
I think the blue dye is just absorbed more slowly. I spun the blue as it was, but put the brown through my drum carder.
This resulted in big fluffy batts to spin.
I spun a bobbin full of blue and a bobbin full of brown:
Then I spun a bobbin full of natural and plyed the three together. I forgot to take a photo before I washed the final yarn, but here it is hanging on the line outside to dry:
I've only spun half the wool I need to make a sleeveless pullover. I think I'll run the other batch of blue through the drum carder too. It doesn't take long and then spinning is easier than when I try to spin a bit of this shade and a bit of that so that I don't end up with too long a stretch that's light or dark. 


  1. Your wool looks lovely, how long does it take to spin a full bobbin?

    1. If I really whizz along, three hours. Bit longer if I'm watching a film at the same time!