Monday, September 1, 2014

My Dragonfly

This dragonfly is very much simpler than the beaded one. I like it though. I like the texture that inverted tatting gives to the wings. It's my pattern, which you can find  here or on the side bar. Usha suggested that I use bigger beads for the eyes, so you can see the green and red ones are a bit more bug-eyed than the others.


  1. They're great and the bigger beads make them look even more like dragonflies to me!

  2. So cute ! The larger beads Do make a realistic difference :--)
    I like the diaphanous effect of inverted tatting .

  3. Gorgeous pattern and beautiful dragonflies

  4. I do like inverted tatting ever since Martha Ess taught it at tat days so must have a go at your pattern, all the dragonflys look great especially the big eyed ones!

  5. I missed this post and do so love these too! Making little bugs is harder that it looks I think, you have this down pat! I really like the eyes.

  6. Jane.. So many bugs? All of them are cute.
    I think I prefer to make them with stiffer wings -- long ones.. I love the green ones mooooooooooooore. :-)

    Best Regards