Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Talking Tatting

I wrote here about the tatting section of a craft competition of a South African women's organisation. Yesterday an information day was held to help people who want to enter items into the various sections of the competition. I was asked to give a talk about the tatting requirements. I hadn't been sure that I would be back from holiday in time to do it, so I prepared a detailed presentation in case someone else had to deliver it. Carien, in the foreground of the picture above, breathed a sigh of relief that I was here to give it myself! There were about 40 people there - the picture shows one leg of a U-shaped table.

 I can't say that the response to my tatting talk was terribly enthusiastic. One lady told me she paid a lot for a morning's tatting lesson some years ago, but came away none the wiser. I did offer to help her try again, but she shook her head and said no, no. Someone else said she had done tatting long ago, but  wasn't keen to refresh her memory of how to tat. I think there may be one or two who will come forward. Let's hope so. At  the very least more people have heard about tatting and seen some examples.


  1. How discouraging! I hope several of them come forward!

  2. Sometimes it can take a few exposures to something to get people excited about it - hopefully you'll get one or two, and eventually more.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, sock wool.... There's still a bit in some of the wool shops here, not many colours, though. You can order hand-dyed sock wool from Nurturing Fibres - though those might have too many colours!

    1. Black and navy sock wool is all that's left. Thanks for tip about Nurturing Fibres, I will look them up. I will probably get some raw wool and spin my own sock wool, but I do like the Elle wool, so fine and smooth. It's a shame it has been discontinued.

  3. Maybe you could join us for a Tollway Tatters meeting some day... we're a very enthusiastic group! ;-)