Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Learning Something New

Yesterday I was given the task of learning Tunisian crochet and then teaching the other members of the craft group at next month's meeting. I have done Tunisian crochet before, but using only the most basic stitch. I had no idea there were so many possibilities! Tunisian crochet uses a long hook to pick up stitches right along the row, and then work them all off, to be left with one stitch on the right again. The variations come in the way the stitches are picked up. It's interesting how the different stitches give a different density to the fabric. There are some interesting stitches patterns that use two colours. I shall tackle those this evening.


  1. It seems to be very much in fashion again - Tunisian crochet. There are so many lovely designs on Ravelry, I keep thinking I should try one!

    1. Thanks for that tip, I'll have a look at Ravelry. The national competition calls for a shopping bag made in Tunisian crochet, so that's our ultimate goal.

  2. That piece looks beautiful!! :)

  3. Tunisian Crochet can be pretty, and it can be a pain in the ..... I have used Tunisian crochet off and on for many years.

    Yours looks very good.