Friday, May 17, 2013


 I've copied the motif that was on the tray cloth returned to me. I don't know where I found it originally, but it's an easy tat. I thought at first that I would need to use a split ring to get to the second round, but that wasn't necessary.
Big Ring: 6-6-6-6
Ch: 8-8
Small ring 6+6
Small ring 6-6
Ch: 8-8
Big ring: 6+6+6-6 Repeat until there are 3 big rings and 3 sets of small rings.
2nd round(no need to cut and join, just carry on)
Ch8-8+(previous round)  Make 4 chains thus, then small ring 6+6, joined to base of other 2 small rings.

Orsi has a give away on her blog. Take a look.