Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rings and Flowers

 I haven't yet managed to grasp Kathy's method for tatting interlocking rings. The problem I'm having is getting the thread in the right place for tatting the third ring. I'll keep at it.

More successful is the jersey for my granddaughter, which I finished sewing together this morning:


  1. Wow, Jane, the jersey is exquisite!!
    I've been trying those dang interlocking rings too. Kathy's presentation helped me a great deal, but it is confusing to keep the orientation of the rings. The second one I tried from Kathy's instructions came out with the rings in the right orientation, but the center looks unpleasant--even ugly! Gonna try again. Feels good to have "company" going along, half a world away!
    Katie V in NC USA, katie at r-v-r dot com

  2. I hope you can get them right, Katie.

  3. Katie, you nearly have it! When you do the 3rd ring, only loop your thread through the 2nd ring (the 1st ring won't be touched again until you close the circle of rings).
    Hope this helps. I can tell you that banging your head against the wall does not. (I tried).

  4. Now that our big tatting event at the Maple Syrup festival is over, I can devote some time to trying to clarify some details about the rings! I hope to do a photo supplement soon! Stringy Dog's advice is correct - start the third ring by bringing the thread from the closed second ring over the top of the second ring and pulling the loop through the second ring and onto your hand. Make sure the thread is oriented correctly on the hand. Then snug the beginning stitch of the third ring close to the base of the second ring, without leaving a gap. I also don't tat the first stitch too tightly. All rings are formed close to the base of the previous ring. Hope you keep trying! I'm so glad you're taking time to do these!

    The sweater is BEAUTIFUL!! Ironically, the knitted edge at the bottom looks like it's tatted!