Saturday, April 20, 2013

More Hyperbolic Tatting

 The purple 'flower' was a bit floppy, so when I did the white one I kept my tension very tight and the picots very small, following Patty's advice.

I'm going to put Patty Dowden's PDF about Hyperbolic Tatting on my Keep-and-Share page and put a link on the sidebar here, so anyone who wants to know more about hyperbolic tatting can access it. It's currently only available on In Tatters, but Patty is happy to share with a wider world!


  1. HI, Jane,
    also found Patty's Hyperbolic Tatting on Georgia's site, the Online Tatting Class. Your earrings are beyond stunning!
    Katie V in NC USA

    1. Thank you! Thanks for the info re the tatting class, it's good to know where we can find Patty's work.

  2. Thank you Patty for sharing the information. Thank you Jane for making it available for tat world.

  3. Thank you Jane and Patty. I am going to take a good look at her work. I enjoy seeing yours

  4. That looks brilliant. Thanks so much for the link. Patty you are a tatting star.