Friday, April 5, 2013

Daisy and Butterfly

 This bookmark was designed by Ladytats. Pretty, isn't it? I've used it before for barefoot sandals, but this time I'm putting it to its intended use.


  1. Very pretty! You've tatted quite a few bookmarks now. Are they for gifts, or are you like me and read several books at a time? ;-)

    1. Not that many! No, the women's organisation I've joined has a tatting section to their competition this year, in which you must tat a bookmark. Less than 20cm long, no variegated threads etc etc. So I'm trying out patterns, for me and for others in my local group who want to enter.

  2. Thank you Jane. My grandmother would be pleased that someone is still tatting her pattern. While she did it all with cut and tie, as she didn't know split rings. It is still her pattern.

  3. Wonderful pattern for a bookmark, I love the color too!!!

  4. beautifully tatted - lovely colors ; )