Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tension squares

I'm working on the last set of embroidered flowers on my tablecloth, I have two more flowers to do. It's gone so quickly I'm wondering why I didn't do it years ago!

A friend has asked me to knit a cardigan for her granddaugher. What's a little daunting is that the pattern is in Afrikaans. My 'conversational Afrikaans' doesn't extend to knitting terms! I have managed to work out that r stands for a knit stitch and aw for purl, so that's a start. If I get stuck I'll phone a neighbour who does a lot of knitting. The pattern calls for 5mm needles, but the sample I did with them came out much too big. 4.5mm needles work better. Thank goodness, because any smaller and the knitting would be too stiff.  I'll unravel these 'squares' before casting on the back.


  1. Ah, that's what a blog does to you, Jane. Makes you get on and do things that you know need doing so that you can blog them!!! Psychology!!!

  2. Keeps me on the straight and narrow!