Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Natural Fibre

As I said yesterday, I like to work with natural fibres. This is an alpaca stole that I completed recently. My daughter Penny (generously!) gave me a baby alpaca fleece. I washed it, carded it on an Ashford drum carder, spun and plyed it on my Ashford Traveller spinningwheel, and knitted it. The pattern came from the July 2011 issue of Knit magazine.

Before I worked on the stole, I made a cardigan for my granddaughter Isabel as a 'sample'. Here she is modelling it:

The pattern came from 'The Country Diary Book of Knitting', by Annette Mitchell, though I did make some adaptions.

These garments drape wonderfully and are very soft. A world away from chunky acrylic! (Although, of course, they took much more time and effort, and there is time and place for all things.)

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