Friday, February 10, 2012


I have been invited to a baby shower tomorrow, so embroidery has been on hold while I make gifts for the new baby and his big sister. The pattern for the dress comes from the Prudent Baby website. Wonderful pattern and tutorial.

 The hat pattern is my own. A few years ago I minaturised an adult hat pattern to make a hat for my granddaughter.  I've used the pattern many times since. It took extra time and extra material to get the motifs in the right places, but I didn't think a lot of half-elephants would look good!

 It sounds odd, I know, but I used the same pattern for the drawstring bag - the top of the hat became the bottom of the bag, with the sides made longer. It is lined, like the hat, and has clear plastic pockets inside, which will hopefully make it easy for mum to organise the contents.

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