Monday, May 20, 2013


 I love the way a pattern can evolve. In May 1984, the Anna Burda magazine had a tatting article with a series of braids that they made with a single shuttle:
In 2009 I updated the bottom braid by tatting it with two shuttles and split rings, and turned it into a bookmark.

 I didn't have a blog then, but Jane Eborall wrote about it on her blog and kindly put the pattern on her Guest Designer page.  It proved to be hugely popular!
I joined In Tatters recently and put my patterns up on that site. Grace Tan saw the bookmark pattern there and adapted it to make the cross you can see in the top picture. Very clever, and evolution at its best! You can find a link to Grace's pattern on the right of this page.
I made this cross for Annika, my youngest granddaughter, who is to be christened soon.


  1. What a lovely story! - and yes, your bookmark pattern has really taken off, I think the expression is that it's "gone viral"- in Jane's beloved "Tatland" at least!

  2. I loved this bookmark! Can't wait to try the cross! I love the Internet for collaborative efforts, so exciting!

  3. Oh, I like that. I have 2 grauation gifts to get done this week. Perfect. Thanks for sharing. Now I know why I was dithering yesterday and not getting at the tatting I should have done. I was waiting for this pattern. Thanks

  4. Yay! Now I know the whole story! :-)

  5. Thank you for sharing. The braid is so interesting + would be fun to tat.