Sunday, January 29, 2023

Day 8 And Dyepot


Mmm, well, day 8 looks like another arm waving, but the whole piece could be upside down or sideways or something. Jane is tricky with these things! 

We are going away for a few days; I've been working diligently to finish a yarn order before we go. It took me all day yesterday to spin wool enough for 6 skeins. I plyed it this morning and then dyed it. I'll rinse it when it's cool, hang it up to dry and wind it into balls tomorrow. It is quite finely spun, so I'm petrified of felting it. Spinning matters, or perhaps fibre matters, always have opposing forces - to dye evenly you need to stir the dyepot often, but stirring leads to felting, so you must stir as little as possible! 

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