Friday, January 21, 2022

Simpler Version

 I really like my jar opener, which I wrote about here. Every time I use it, I think it would be a good project for the retirement home craft group I'm involved with. But mine has a fabric backing and  I used a sewing machine to attach it. I really don't want to haul my sewing machine to the retirement home and then do all the work! So I've been fiddling, trying out different ways of finishing off the non-stick fabric in a way that would be suitable for the craft group. 

 You could glue a wide ribbon, but glue is messy (at least when I use it) and might not be secure enough. I tried crochet, after seeing examples on Pinterest, but not everyone in the group crochets. I decided that wrapping narrow ribbon through the holes in the fabric was the best option. I tried threading the ribbon with a needle, but that doubles the ribbon, which didn't go easily through the holes. Making a point with tape worked better. I used the  ends to make a loop for hanging, so that there's no need for a secure start and ending. 

Today's meeting was cancelled, so this will be next week's project. It's not easy to find projects that are easy enough for everyone to do, but not childish! 


  1. You always amaze me with your simple and practical solutions in diverse fields 💙💛💙💛💙

  2. That's great, and a jar opener is really useful!

  3. Lovely idea and a great useful item, I am sure they will love making them for their families