Monday, January 17, 2022

Blanket Reveal and Day Three


Well, my blanket or bed cover is finished and on the bed. The pattern is called Grace blanket, designed by Lucia Stepankova, a free download on Ravelry. I crocheted it in acrylic double knit yarn, using a 4.5mm hook. The original is in a finer yarn, using a 3mm hook. It's a wonderful pattern, with enough variation to keep it interesting, and is well written, with written instructions and a diagram. I started crocheting in September - my speed is not up to Diane's standard, but I'm in plenty of time for the Southern Hemisphere Winter! 

Here's my day 3, am tatting but don't yet see! 


  1. The blanket is drop dead GORGEOUS. I love the colours.

  2. I'm really impressed with that bed cover, I've done loads of throws but to make a throw that size takes endurance, it's a credit to you and lovely.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Maybe I should start another. ;-)

  4. Ooo, this is so pretty 💙💜🧡💜💙

  5. Beautiful blanket!
    Great start with the tias, it's a tiny mystery ladder!

  6. Gorgeous blanket. Beautiful colors. White brightens other colors.