Monday, July 16, 2018

Double Dyed

The hooded scarf is not easy to photograph - I roped in the broomstick as a model, but the result is faintly sinister! I finished knitting the hooded scarf and then did the dyeing. I put the whole thing into a pale blue dyebath. with the i-cord and a skein of wool to make the pom poms with:
After half an hour, I mixed a darker blue dye bath, and then suspended the garment, cord and skein over the bucket so that part of them was in the dye bath:
After another half an hour, I removed some of the dye water and added more plain water, without disturbing the coat hanger, to get a medium blue. I could have had a deeper layer of medium blue, but it worked more or less as I hoped:
It's a while since I made pom poms. I wound the first one rather tightly and then had trouble cutting the cardboard rings apart. Two and three were easier, I wound more gently:


  1. WOW! This is BLUEtiful! What a wonderful hand knitted and hand dyed hooded scarf. You and your skills are amazing dear. XO

  2. Wow what a fabulous hood. Love the way you did the dying, it might not look conventional but it worked

  3. Very clever! I never would have thought of dyeing that way... and it's a beautiful blue!

  4. Such beautiful shades of blue !!! And your dyeing process is always interesting.
    What- an emaciated figure looks "sinister" ?! ;-P