Saturday, March 10, 2018


I'm working on Round 7 of the Spring Doily, which is a series of little butterflies. I'm stabilising the butterflies using very small picots between the rings. I started by putting the vsp after one double stitch, but decided that putting it after 2 ds works better. I've a way to go, so I had better get on with it! 


  1. Great idea. I'm forever putting in vsp's to make sure things stay where they should!!! Personally I think it's the best trick in the book!!!

    1. I have you to thank for the technique! My first (or second really) butterfly was horribly wobbly, so I undid it and reworked with the extra vsps.

  2. I almost did that, but decided to just move forward. Either way, it's a fun round to tat!

  3. WOW! I love the butterflies edging this delicate doily. Stunning Dear. And you are so right...Snow is necessary but very needed. :o)

  4. Great idea that I hope to remember. I finished my quickly this time, and pinned it out to try and help stabilize it. but I can see where this would have been better!